Few More bugs

January 22, 2018

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Lost City quest guide you can chop tree without 36 wc for Dramen branch
Skotizo Drops antique lamp but you dont get any xp from that lamp (he was iron man)
Lizardman shamans drop dragon warhammer ( you get one almost every inv/ trip ) ( i think this got reported already)
Vine whip untradeable
When you are poisond you cant trade
You Need 99 construction To wear dung skillcape
Tele Grab doesnt requiere runes To cast

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Few bugs/stuff that has to get fixxed

January 6, 2018

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Achievments which do not work

Easy Achievments

Pick a flax

Spin a bow string

Complete a C1 Dung

Grind blue dragon scales (not sure about this one but i didnt manage to do this)

Medium Achievments

Kill a Blue Dragon

Kill a White Wolf (they are not at the mountain near edge where they normaly are)

Enter a Nature Altar

Enter a Law Altar

Bake a Cake (you cant bake the cake )

Crush a Birds nest (cant crush birds nests)

Bind an item

Kill dungeoneering boss

Repair a broken item (barrow items as example are not getting “broken or Degrade to 0” after death so you cant repair them)

Name your clan ( you cant create your own clan or even leven the regular clan which we all are in at )

Promote a Friend ^

Kill a Saradomin Wizard (this one might work but you cant get out of Magebank because the lever is not pullable so you will need to get there in a other way)

Hard Achievments

Get a Hand cannon drop

Get a 5 Killstreak

Kill a Friend

Defeat Jad

Kill the Kbd

Deafeat nex (Nex is not even loosing hp)

Pick Pocket 100K

Cast Storm of Armadyl (you cant even obtain arma battlestaff or arma runes)

Elite Achievments (this ones im not sure but they are not even started or i tried those and it wont start it so doesnt show progress or they just dont work at all)

Recieve 100M from alching

Offer 5000 Bones

Scatter 500 Ashes

Unlock 150 Songs

Kill 100 Players

Kill 10000 Monsters

Vote 100 times

Create a Fury

Deal 15M Dmg

Defeat 500 Boss Monsters

You are not getting skulled in the wildy if you attack someone but you still loose your stuff like you were skulled if you die after attacking an other player

You cant buy Untradeables back from Grim Reaper

Prices of items should be reworked because you loose dragon claws in wwildy over stuff like regular whip or zuriels stuff which is not worth that much as claws.

And i think Frost dragons have way too much Def bonus check those please

This is it for now

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Used Coins

January 6, 2018

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A boss said to his secretary, “I want to have SEX with you I will make it very fast.

I’ll throw $1000 on the floor, by the time you bend down to pick it I’ll be done.”

She thought for a moment then called her boyfriend and told him the story.

Her boyfriend then said to her, do it but “Ask him for $2000, pick up the money very fast he wouldn’t even have enough time to undressed himself.”

So she agrees. Half an hour goes by, the boyfriend decides to call girlfriend,

he asks, “what happened?”

She responds, “The Bastard used coins I’m still picking and he is still fucking!”

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Introduction: Graardor Developer

January 6, 2018

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Hello Graardorians! (Hopefully this is right)

My name is Artem, I’ve been in the RSPS scene for around 8-9 years so far. I’ve had countless projects but you may know me as the person behind Avarrocka/Edgeville projects. Nevertheless, I’m not-so involved in the RSPS industry anymore. I love creating my own games now. However, here I am as an official developer of Graardor. My mission is to polish and create the best gaming experience for all of you.

About me
I live in Canada (Montreal) but I was born in Russia (Moscow). Because I speak Russian, French and English, I shall apologize in advance for my bad future use of English. I’m now 20 years old. I’m currently a college student. In my free time, I grab my hockey stick and play on the ice.

Graardor Development
I’m here to supply more acidity to what @Lemon has achieved. I’ll be polishing every pixel of the game and try to bring more innovations to the game. I’m known as a graphic artist and website designer (a side from being a game developer). I hope to enhance your journey at Graardor.

I’m open to any questions you may have. I love to talk to other people and to have some fun time! Once me and @Lemon clear out some core-related issues, we will soon be a crowd-full server and make our path to every toplist.

Sincerely, Your’s Truly, Most loved, Artem.

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