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August 15, 2018



What Is Zera?

Zera is one of the most content packed 317 server with loads of unique content such as Inferno.
At Zera we strive for perfection, we understand even the smallest bug is important and we gain great pleasure
from being able to fix the bugs our community has spotted out there and we plan to keep it this way.
Our staff team at Zera comes with a vast amount of experience and professionalism and are always
looking to help, even us the owners will dedicate a portion of our busy day to come ingame and answer questions
and communicate with the players as we beleive this to be part of the key to a successful and thriving community.
So come join us, check us out and see what you’re missing out on. We’re full of unique fun content and you may
even make a friend or two and even more! » 25 skills, including Hunter, Construction, Summoning and Dungeoneering. » More than 15 active minigames, including Inferno & Pest Control » More than 25 bosses with special mechanics and unique drops. » More than 100 challenging achievements. » Wilderness activities, including Multi Boss Events & Wilderness bosses » Bounty hunter target system in the wilderness. » Fully working bank place holders & tabs » Fully working raids 2 items with there correct effects. » Shooting stars & Evil trees. » Player owned shops. » Custom Server trivia » Active gambling (Flower poker, dicing) » Custom Anti-Scam Gambling System for 8 different gambling styles! » Active Duel arena staking. » Full curses with proper effects. » Active ingame leaderboards & web-side highscores! » Custom Npc Drop Table

Dont forget to join our discord!

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August 15, 2018


Comments Off on [462] ⚔️SCAPERUNE — THE BEST OF THE REST!

Site:[Hidden Content] Discord: [Hidden Content] Vote: [Hidden Content]vote/ News: Active & updated daily! Come and join now! “The best innovation 2006 of its time”

Hello there! Fellow player Ghfury from ScapeRune, and I’d like to tell YOU all about it

~Use ctrl+f to search for something! ~This thread is under development (Do not rant)

-2006 RSPS (462) Owner: Ryan -Active community since August, 2015 -Daily Updates! -Experience Rate: 2x -Active, Friendly, Helpful! -Needs more players like you! -Open for advertisement!

~Server Update Deadline: July 4th 2007

~QOL & Bug fixing ~Holiday Events ~Specifications & Security

Active Community

Mysterious Encounters

Grind Skilling

Intense PVM

We’ll see you here

Server Advertisement Video

Farewell fellow RuneSuite user Hope you enjoyed! Thankyou and make it a great day!

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Entrana – We’re back! Beautiful Client work.

August 14, 2018


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a project by chaflie, dread & VisionUKSo let’s get some things straight, Entrana is not committed to being another carbon copy of Oldschool RuneScape. We heard the cries of the populace, and we know that being entirely committed to Oldschool RuneScape is not only a waste of time, but also lacks creativity. Entrana has always been a product of ideas, intuition, and engagement. No longer will we shackle ourselves to the chains of the same old content, but rather, create a diverse world where you can play how you wish. A diverse world where you can interact with new things, see new distances, and still feel at home with what you know and love, a game called RuneScape.rs is dumb anyways™—Entrana would love to give special thanks to the team behind the Arios and Kratos projects for providing the core of our game. We have decided that instead of writing our own framework and wasting precious time on “reinventing the wheel”, that we could convert Arios and start with a good amount of content for us to take advantage of as well as having the ability to rewrite most of it’s core to our liking without sacrificing content development time. There’s no need to be writing woodcutting for the 1,000th time. Now that we’ve converted most of the “core” packets and configurations, we decided it was time to let loose the secret that we are entering the fray with Entrana once again. We are excited this time as we feel we have an excellent chance at creating something special this time! More specifically, this is a conversion from the project ScapeHD.—While Entrana does want to “emulate” an Oldschool RuneScape feel, we also want to introduce new concepts, ideas and include a little bit of everything for everyone. Using our powerful tools, we have plans to create custom raids using our map editor, and creating new uniques with the help of Lumplum, and incorporating favorite pre-EOC bosses such as Nex, or popular minigames such as Soul Wars.—We still have loads of conversion work to be done before we begin writing content and adding new client properties, so stay tuned to this project thread and our Discord for new updates, and join in our upcoming betas!—This project thread will be updated in due time with new information, a roadmap, and development logs.

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Nexus 3 | 896 Project

August 13, 2018


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| Discord | Website |

Nexus is a Emulated Private Server currently running the revision number 896.

A new stage has been set as we are pushing further for top-notch gameplay, content, and commitment you can count on! You can visit our discord or website for more information at any time!

Log – Owner and Developer

Shirayuki – Head Administator and Developer

Track Our Progress

Screenshots will be added along with updates!

You can show your support by using our support signature

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