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Bugs and suggestions

October 20, 2017

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add ::home command
add ::afk command that makes you sit (people like those alot)
making a rdt (random drop table) that will drop extra items on a certain %
armour store in edgeville
when you examine Stardust it should maybe explain itself because not everyone knows what it is.
might be a good idea to set a timer on the crashed star which actives when you start mining it, and because of the time you can’t do it yourself and might need 1 or 2 more people to succesfully mine the star (it might make the star more social)
when handing in the stardust i got more addy then mith. and no coal
also, when you turn in the stardust it’s cool to have a certain % of getting a dragon hatchet from it (because it mines the stardust really fast)
once the star location was in barbarian village i found out there is not teleport to it.

mining animation glitching
being in make-over mage and pressing the X makes you go (fixes when relog)
price check doesn’t work when you rightclick the money pouch
cape store says the capes are 112 coins while they are 99.999 coins
skilling stores don’t sell big fishing nets or rods bait etc..
agility course animations could be better instead of walking through obstacles
in the gnome agility course the second tree has a climb-up option that doesn’t work or display which level you need to climb it
barbarian agility course doesn’t work fully

some might be helpful some might not


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Updates 18/10/2017

October 18, 2017

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The topic is titled for tomorrows update here it is:

Game modes have been scrapped, we now have these modes. XP Rate has been set to 1 rate, 500xp per hit. We will commence fixing the bugs which have been posted on forums on Friday, so lookout for a huge update on Saturday. Currently i am aware that some animations are messed up, we will be also fixing it with this update.

Evil trees have been added (as you can see we modified quest tab this is not the final version, we want to condense it even more):

EXP Well has been added:

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Bugs and some suggestions

October 15, 2017

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-Barbarian course dosen’t work.

-Barbarian course texture looks wierd ( like the path is water )

-Black dragon puzzle from “puzzle master” isn’t completeable.

-Wall bugged at Al kharid tanner.

-Theres 2 “max” at home ( 1 at furnace and 1 at general store )

-Add if you press ESC you close interfaces ( if you ESC closed bank )

-Add if you press SPACE you continue.

-Add Achievment rewards shop

-Teleport interfaces should be updated.

-There should be added more teles ( specially more skilling teles, WC FARM…)

-Wildernes teleport obelisks dosent work

-Sitting down while resting bugged.

-Add master capes ( 120 skillcapes )

-Flecthing interfaces dosent shop pictures

-Fletching bows makes strung bows instead of unstrung bows.

-Add shift drop

-Only 1 yew tree at camelot ( infront of church ) is cuttable. Also magic trees isn’t cutable.

-Add more fishing spots at fishing guild.

-Fish spots at Catherby ( infront of range spore ) is misplaced.

-Fishing shrimps dosent give any fishing xp.

-Add *All but one* in bank.

-Add placeholders in bank.

-Bank tabs dosent work.

-Cutting bolttips from gems shows fletching icon on xp tracker.

-Swinging pickaxe when mining is bugged.

-Furnace a mining guild is placed ontop of dung entrance.

-Can’t use any furnace, tried at mining guild, Edgeville and lumbridge none off these seems to work

-Trade olivia at catherby farm patch shows clothes store, if you talk to here you get the farm store.

-Farm patches dosent work?

-Hunting xp shows as summoning icon on xp tracker.

-Hunting lvl displays as summoning icon under run energy ( Icons beside minimap )

What i’ve found testing some stuff, some suggestions and some bugs.

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Upcoming Updates – 06/10/2017

October 6, 2017

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Most players have reported a FPS drop, i am currently working to port the client over to hardware rendering (OpenGL), so people can achieve a better FPS.

So far: Drawing Sprites, Drawing fonts is completed.

At this stage the client doesn’t look in a playable state, here are a few images:

Got Some model vertices drawing in OpenGL

When i got the textures drawing (Funny image):

POH maybe in HD:

This is taking a bit of time, however we do not wish to rush this as a low FPS is a major concern for the future of our player base after a finished beta. So its best if we get it all correct now.

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Updates 25/09/2017

September 26, 2017


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Here are some new updates:

We are planning to add the OSRS drops sometime this week, after we get to test the weapons added in this update fully.

About 30+ OSRS items were added, with their full effects and bonuses.

Kraken has been added without drops.

Trident of seas:

Abyssal Bludgeon:

Dragon WarHammer:

Toxic Blowpipe:

Elder Maul:

Dungeoneering Store:

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Game Modes

September 22, 2017


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There are 4 distinct game modes in Graardor. These modes are different in many ways, ranging from their experience rates, to the time it takes for the Special Attack bar to refill. The following will show the pros and cons of each mode, as well as what each mode has that makes it unique.

Easy / Sir Mode (500x easier than Extreme Mode)
Sirs are generally for those people who want the entire “Private Server” experience. The Sir mode provides the player with quick, and easy leveling, and they also have full access to all other content, like all other modes.


5000 experience per hit (changed accordingly in non combat skills)


Easy to max out skills, so for all people who want to either PK, or kill bosses, they can get to it in about ten minutes of creating their account.
Perfect account to make starter money (Killing Frost dragons etc. )

Every hit is reduced by 15% of what it can be.
The average drop rate is very low, it is either similar, or less than what it is in the real RuneScape

This mode is only recommended if you want to get a feel of this server, and if you want to make some starter money. This mode is fairly commonly chosen by players who want to experiment with different types of pures, mains an other types of accounts.

Medium / Lord Mode (50x easier than Extreme Mode)
Lords are for those who want the feel of levelling quickly, but not too quickly. Lords are possibly the most commonly chosen type of accounts, as they have the benefit of being easy to train, but also have a fair drop rate and hit rate as well.


500 experience per hit (changed accordingly in non combat skills)

Relatively easy to max out skills
Fairly good drop rate considering the ease of training
Hits are fairly decent, again considering training.

Hit rate is still low, If compared to a Legend or Extreme with similar levels, the Lord would have a very low chance of winning.
Drops from Boss monsters are very rare, but considering the ease of training, killing the monsters is very easy, so even killing 100 of them is no difficulty.

Lords and Sirs are the same in description, however training Lords is harder, but worth it considering the rewards.

Legend Mode (5x easier than Extreme mode)
For the more established players of Graardor, Legends are the second hardest, but possibly the most ideal choice. Legends are not excessively difficult to train, they do take a while however. Legends are far more difficult as opposed to the previous two modes, but they make up for it in their high drop rates, higher hits, and other perks.


50 experience per hit (changed accordingly in non combat skills)
Legend’s Cape given to player at creation (with enhanced stats)
Infinite Prayer everywhere in Graardor, aside from certain “AFK” spots. (These are places where the monsters are generally low leveled and automatically attack the player (eg. magic axes). With infinite prayer it is possible to train indefinitely in those spots, however Pim (the owner) has ensured that at these spots no game mode will have infinite prayer.)


Infinite Prayer
Legend’s Cape
High Drop rate
Higher hits than almost all the other game modes
Special Attack bar refills very quickly.


Is the second hardest type of account to train
Very expensive to train certain skills (Prayer, Herblore etc.)

Most Legends in game are usually experienced players, these players create legends after establishing a firm base of the game in either Sir or Lord modes. Legends are deadly in PKing. They also have a very good drop rate from Boss monsters as well as other players (in PvP). Legends are the best accounts to choose if you want a mild Private Server experience, but want the challenge, the sense of accomplishment that comes from leveling up, and perhaps the most practical all around account (Considering that an account in Extreme Mode requires 5x more ffort than an accont in Legends mode)

The hardest game mode that can be chosen in Graardor. Extremes are by far the most difficult to train as the have the lowest experience rate. Extremes are almost always very experienced players who have usually completed the most of the challenges assosciated Legends/Lord/Sir accounts. Though they are difficult to train, and the effort put into making one is great, the rewards all well worth it.


10 experience per hit (changed accordingly in non combat skills)
Sir Owen’s Sword (Arguably the best training weapon in the game, as it is twice as fast as any other melee weapon).
Infinite Prayer everywhere in Graardor, aside from certain “AFK” spots.
15 seconds to refill Special Attack bar from 0-100%


Sir Owen’s Sword
Infinite Prayer
Highest drop rate in game
Hits far higher than any other game mode
Special Attack bar refills fastest on this mode


Very slow training
Very expensive to train skills such as Prayer, Herblore etc.
Considering that when matched up against players on any other mode in PvP, the Extreme account will likely come out victorious, the highest hit/drop rate in the game and a special attack bar that refills in 15 seconds, accounts on Extreme Mode are by far the most powerful in Graardor.

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Server Information

September 22, 2017


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Sign up to our community for more information here: Forums – Invision Community[ADMIN=Introduction]Graardor is an economy based PRE-EOC private server currently loading Mixed PRE-EOC/OSRS data. Our goal is to constantly create unique and creative content that all Skiller, PVM, and PVP players will enjoywhile bringing a healthy dose of player-suggested content into Graardor as well. Now after several years of development, Graardor is nearing Beta release.this Project thread was made to show progress on the server so farand give a little insight on whats planned for the future.

Herblore Overloads
Potion Combination
Potion Flask Creation

Summoning Scroll Creation
Summoning Tab
Special Moves

Runecrafting Abyss
All runes
Altar talisman entry
Teleport Tabs
Multiple runes
Talisman locating
Pouch degrading & repairing

Construction All rooms
All furniture
House saving
Mini activities Dungeons Room saving

Dungeoneering – Floors 1-50 Available
– Complexity 1-5
– Skill, guardian and key doors
– Dungeoneering Bosses
– Herblore
– Fletching
– Mining
– Smithing
– Fishing
– Runecrafting

Farming – Patches
– Weeding
– Curing
– Patches
– Compost Bins

Other Skills: – Attack ✅
– Defence ✅
– Strength ✅
– Constitution ✅
– Ranged ✅
– Mage ✅
– Prayer ✅
– Fishing ✅
– Agility ✅
– Thieving ✅
– Crafting ✅
– Fletching ✅
– Slayer ✅
– Hunter ✅
– Mining ✅
– Smithing ✅
– Cooking ✅
– Firemaking ✅
– Woodcutting ✅

King Black Dragon
Corporeal Beast Giant Mole
Dagannoth Kings
Kalphite Queen
Barrows Brothers
Chaos Elemental
Bandos Avatar
Nomad Phoenix

Bosses Queen Black Dragon
Giant Sea Snake
Hati Ice Demon
Penance Queen
Skeletal horror
Pest Queen The Inadequacy

Abyssal Sire
Lizard Shaman
Chaos Fanatic
Crazy archaeologist
Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
Slash Bass

Clan WarsSoul WarsCastle WarsPest Control

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Updates 21/09/2017

September 22, 2017


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We are in a closed beta stage, and did plan to get these updates released before the public beta (keep an eye out for more new content which is meant to get released before public beta).

Here are the new updates:

Comp cape recolouring now works:

All Easy Achievements will now work:


Have a good day!


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